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Well & Wise

Sustainable Futures

Sustainability isn’t fad. It’s our future.

But what is sustainability?
  • Health and wellness
  • Economic growth and opportunity
  • Conservation of resources and energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Community resilience

I'm fascinated by all of the connections, the possibilities, and the pioneers of our sustainable revolution.
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<i>Mad Men</i>, Om-ness, and the Real, Real Thing?

In the annals of media, perhaps more will be written about Mad Men and its ending than any TV drama, movie, book, YouTube clip, you name it. The conclusion of the seven-series titan of a series will be dissected so many ways virtually nothing will be left of it.

Ad man extraordinaire  Read More 
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Abraham Lincoln and the Power of Storytelling

Abraham Lincoln died 150 years ago today. He is considered many things: the greatest U.S. president, a martyr, a savior, Jesus figure, down-home lawyer, master politician and strategist. But perhaps his greatest gift and the one we should remember him by was his power as a storyteller.

We know Abraham Lincoln as  Read More 
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Make Your Day: A Class Act Gets His Due

JoJo White has been elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

It should make your day, even if you don't know who he is.

JoJo is all class. To call him a class act doesn't do him justice, because it is no act. This may be a large part of the reason many people  Read More 
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