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Coolest Rooms on the Planet, WIRED, photo by Joel Degrand

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Engage readers with compelling stories, facts and insights, and they'll keep reading and come back for more.

"Steve is one of the best freelancer writers I have used at CE Pro and TecHome Builder. He is not only an expert in the field, but writes technical topics with a creative flair in an easy-to-read manner," says Jason Knott, editor of CE Pro magazine.

The Energy Advantage
A comprehensive guide to the 13 top energy efficiency technologies for homebuilders to include in their new home offerings and renovations, from water saving appliances to renewable energies.

Great Escapes: New Designs for Home Theaters by Theo Kalomirakis
High-end design book published by Abrams tells the stories behind the makings of 15 themed home theaters by a renowned home theater designer.

The book has been well-reviewed on Amazon and other sites.

Guide to Incorporating Video Projectors
A fun project for TechDecisions and Digital Projection Inc., covering what houses of worship should consider when adding video projection technology to rev up services, presentations and more.

HVAC Buying Guide
HGTVRemodel's Guide to heat pumps, AC, solar, geothermal, thermostat's and more.

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Selected Works

Special Reports
Homebuilders' guide to the hottest energy saving technologies for new homes and remodels.
The stories behind the making of the world’s most lavish home theaters.
White Papers
Selection, installation and marketing tips for adding video projection technologies in houses of worship.
Consumer Guides
HGTVRemodel's Guide to heat pumps, AC, solar, geothermal, thermostats and more.