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In the 21st century, more and more people "go out" to the movies at home. This lifestyle change led to one the biggest innovations in residential design today: the home theater, be it a custom-installed system or an elaborate private screening room. At the high end, Theo Kalomirakis reigns supreme as the leading designer of private theaters in the home.

In Great Escapes writer Steven Castle chronicles 15 of Kalomirakis' most eye-popping projects, with insightful descriptions and stories that bring these theaters to life.

  • Interviewed celebrity and wealthy homeowners.
  • Chronicled the stories behind the theaters for a personal touch.
  • Worked closely with art director, editor and publisher.

As the writer of my book "Great Escapes" Steve displayed not only his usual flair for great writing--he does not have to prove this any more--but also great people skill in working with our clients, all high-net worth and high profile individuals who are not always easy to work with. Steve is the ultimate pro," says Theo Kalomirakis, president of TK Theaters.