Hello, Energy Productivity: How energy efficiency improves economic productivity.

The famous Sculptured House or "Sleeper House" from "Futuristic House Goes Futuristic Green."

Greenest Home in America? This Electronic House feature explores why. Photo by Alexandra Baer

Nature Comes Inside and meets with some energy saving home tech in this cool vacation home.

Well & Wise

Health and sustainability are coming together in powerful ways.

Sustainability isn’t fad. It’s our future.

But what is sustainability?

Sustainability comprises these benefits:
  • Health and wellness
  • Economic growth and opportunity
  • Conservation of resources and energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Community resilience

I write and speak about all of it. Why? Because I'm fascinated by all of the connections, the possibilities, and the pioneers of our sustainable revolution.

For a ton on green tech, my web site GreenTech Advocates, is chock full of articles and thought leadership on trends and marketing energy efficiency.

"Credit Steve Castle with being on forefront of green technologies within consumer electronics. He has given new meaning to "being cool." Manufacturers and should pay particular attention to Steve, his insight reflects what consumers really want in today's products," says Gene Quisisem, Owner, Marketing Manager at To The Forefront


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